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You’re a coach, consultant or creative, doing something you’ve dreamed of for ages. But who knew that working for yourself meant you had so many roles to fill? Are you beginning to feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends?
Are you so busy “being busy” that you can’t get to do everything on your ever-growing “to do” list? Are accounting and bookkeeping always pushed down to the bottom of that list?

Imagine a world where:

If so …

Keep Calm and Hire Me

I’m the guy to call when you absolutely, positively, hate doing the books.


What can you expect when we work together?

Less Stress

Organized and up to date.
One less big item off your "to do" list.
HST, Income Tax and other government payments done right and on time.
No longer in a fog about your finances.

More Time

More time to spend on doing the things you love.

Higher Confidence

You've made the right choices in bookkeeping software.
Books in order and done right.
You know how you are doing financially.
We've brought order out of chaos.

Advice and Expertise

The stereotypical accountant or bookkeeper is perceived as a math nerd, boring, and focused on taxes; the really good ones love to solve problems and help you achieve your goals.

A great bookkeeper or accountant provides advice on business goals, processes, and methods—based on your numbers and knowledge and experience with their own businesses and of their other clients.

All of my knowledge and experience that I’ve gained from working with my clients—and from running my own businesses—is at your disposal.

The stereotypical accountant … is a math nerd, boring and focused on taxes … a great one provides advice on your business based on your numbers and their experience …

Oh, and did I mention that your accountant/tax preparer will love you when it comes to your year-end and tax time?

What can I do for you?



Wise, Wizardly Advice

From the Bookkeeping & Accounting Dep't

Bookkeeping. Accounting. What’s the difference?

Good question.

Bookkeeping is the recording, categorizing, reconciling of transactions that are the “building blocks” of your financial information.

It’s detailed-oriented (and odds are, the thing that drives you bonkers and why you’re looking for help).

I do this.

Accounting starts where the bookkeeping leaves off. It looks at your business from a higher level. Bookkeepers gather information; accountants use it, analyze it, interpret it, and help you plan and make decisions based on it. And most help you with various government filings (like paying your friendly, neighbourhood tax collector).

I do this too (well, not the tax work).

Many accountants dislike doing the bookkeeping (OK, they hate it, just like you do. That’s why I partner with them to help their clients. I’d love an introduction to your accountant!)

Not all accountants are bookkeepers and not all bookkeepers are accountants, but I’m the accountant that loves to do bookkeeping (and then add some of that accountant mojo on top).

Here's a few ways that we can work together

Done with You Bookkeeping

You’re a coach, consultant or creative, loving what you’re doing, and feeling like you’re at the top of your game. You’re delivering great things to your clients.

You’re happy with your business except for ONE thing — the bookkeeping!

Bookkeeping is a growing black cloud on the sunny horizon of your business.

Just imagine a work life without that dark cloud hovering over you because you know the bookkeeping is being taken care of.

Bookkeeping Diagnostic Review

You know that the books have to be done, but numbers just aren’t your “thing”. Maybe you’ve tried starting or doing your books but you’re not sure that you’ve done it right. Or you know that your  books are a mess.

Your journey to bookkeeping confidence begins here.

We’ll do a QuickReview Diagnostic together, covering over 30 items that will give us a quick look at the state of your books. Depending on those results, I may recommend a complete Diagnostic Discovery Review and dig deeper into those items. After that, you will receive a complete written report of what I’ve found that I’ll review with you so that you know and understand the status of your books, along with a plan (and a price) to address any issues.

CPA Team-up

Time for some serious CPA-to-CPA talk.

You’re a CPA with a busy tax and compliance practice. You got bit by the “I love tax” bug all those years ago when starting out—and you really, really, don’t love doing bookkeeping.

But you’ve got clients that absolutely need a professional bookkeeper on their team.

Isn’t tax season stressful enough as it is, without worrying about your clients’ bookkeeping woes?

I work with CPAs like you—a partner to provide services directly to your client. And when bookkeepers and accountants collaborate, it’s a win-win all round—for you and your client.

CPAs Assemble! (OK, it doesn’t sound as cool as when The Avengers say it; we’ll have to work on that).

From the Wise Wizardly Advice Dep't

Cloud Computing Setup

You know you need a bookkeeping and accounting solution, but a bit confused by all the options. Spreadsheet? Desktop application? And that new thing called “cloud bookkeeping”? What’s that all about?

You’re nervous, unsure and worried that you won’t do it right and have a big(ger) mess on your hands when you’re done, especially if you’re moving or starting your bookkeeping on the cloud.

Properly setting up any bookkeeping or accounting systems of any stripe is not a trivial, simple or short task. It takes knowledge, expertise and time—even for someone that’s done it before.

I specialize in cloud accounting and bookkeeping using Quickbooks Online and in setting up businesses like yours to use it.

Calendly Jumpstart Session

Work smarter, be stress-free, and let the bookings roll in!

You’re running a business—and now it’s suddenly online—and you’ve got so many new things to do. You know that you’ve got to book appointments with clients (or potential clients), but it’s time consuming. You want appointment setting to be a breeze, not a chore.

You’ve done some research. You know you need something to help—and you’ve settled on Calendly—but you’re overwhelmed by all the choices and options. You don’t know where to start. Or, you’re already using it, but you know that you’re not using it to its fullest.

Trying to book appointments with my clients used to be a major hassle. Once I started using Calendly, it was a major game-changer, time saver and stress reliever. I started to rave about it to friends, colleagues and clients—who then told me they needed help in getting started.

And so the Calendly Jumpstart Session was born.

Any questions?

Need something that’s not on the list above?

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I'm the guy you call when you absolutely, positively hate doing the books.