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Bookkeeping is the recording, categorizing, reconciling of transactions that are the “building blocks” of your financial information.

It’s the detail-oriented stuff that’s not your favourite thing to do.

I, on the other hand, love doing this stuff. And you can check it off your “to do” list.


Accounting starts where the bookkeeping leaves off.

Bookkeepers gather information; accountants use it.

I’ll help you make sense of the numbers, plan and make decisions based on it.

Wise, Wizardly Advice

Really good bookkeepers and accountants love to solve problems and help you achieve your goals.

All of my knowledge and experience that I’ve gained from working with my clients—and from running my own businesses—is at your disposal.

Here's a few ways that we can work together

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Done with You Bookkeeping

You love what you do and you’re at the top of your game, delivering great things to your client.

But your bookkeeping is a growing black cloud on the sunny horizon of your business.

Just imagine a work life without that dark cloud hovering over you because you know the bookkeeping is being taken care of.

Bookkeeping Diagnostic Review

Maybe you’ve tried starting or doing your books but you’re not sure that you’ve done it right. Or you know that your books are a mess.

Your journey to bookkeeping confidence begins here.

The Diagnostic Discovery Review digs deep into over 30 areas of your books and provides you with a plan to solve any issues.

CPA Team-up

Are you a CPA with a busy tax and compliance practice, who got bit by the “I love tax” bug all those years ago when starting out—and you really, really, don’t love doing bookkeeping?

And you’ve got clients that absolutely need a professional bookkeeper on their team?I partner with CPAs like you.

CPAs Assemble! (OK, it doesn’t sound as cool as when The Avengers say it; we’ll have to work on that).

Wise, Wizardly Advice

Cloud Computing Setup

You know you need a bookkeeping and accounting solution, but a bit confused by all the options. Spreadsheet? Desktop application? Putting in the cloud (what’s THAT?)

I specialize in cloud accounting and bookkeeping using Quickbooks Online and in setting up businesses like yours to use it.

Calendly Jumpstart Session

Get setup and running with Calendly in 90 minutes!

Trying to book appointments with my clients used to be a major hassle. Once I started using Calendly, it was a major game-changer in my practice.

I started to rave about it to friends, colleagues and clients—who then told me they needed help in getting started. And so the Calendly Jumpstart Session was born.

I'm the guy you call when you absolutely, positively hate doing the books.