Feeling Sh*tty at work? Oh, how I know THAT feeling

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2:30pm. Thursday March 31st, 2022.

I was outside, beret on my head, sunglasses on my face and my spring coat on for that surprise, warm sprinter* day. I was leaning up against my car, looking up towards the sun and soaking up the warmth and the rays like the flowers in my garden.

And I felt like a 500 lb weight was dropping off my shoulders. Tension in my back was releasing and the pressure on my chest – that I hadn’t realised was there – was melting away.

And I probably had a silly grin on my face.

The Audit From Hell was over and I was luxuriating in the feeling.

I have one client that has to file audited financial statements with our provincial securities commission by March 31st every year. The audit process is alot of work, but not too stressful, but for several reasons – none relevant here – this year the stress level was off the meter.

I was tired, frustrated and was finding no time to work with the rest of my clients.

I haven’t felt this shitty since I worked for someone else for a living – and that was LONG time ago.

But it’s done and dusted. We’ve already started working on ways to make next year’s exercise less stressful for all involved.

Thinking about this (and it’s been on my mind ever since) made me think about you.

We all have times that we’re flappable. And that’s OK.

Two of my Rules are

  1. There are no emergencies in accounting
  2. If you don’t like doing it, don’t do it.

And this past March violated them both.

So tell me – have you had something similar happen to you in your business? Was it a one-time thing? And how did you deal with it?

Fire off an email  (info©accounting-wizard•com)   and say “Hey Lawrence! I got you. My story is ____________”

(Baseball is back. That’s enough for me to chill out).

Thanks for reading this far.


PS *sprinter is my wife’s term for that weird mix of spring and winter that we have this time of year.

PPS One of my colleagues recently said “Yes, there are no emergencies in accounting. And barring a paper cut, there’s no blood shed either”.

PPPS Every have a day like that in your business? Let me know when, why and how you dealt with it!

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