Looking for a boring list of services?

It's not here (I moved it)

(but you can find a more interesting list on my

I'm the CPA who loves to do bookkeeping and accounting.

I’m Lawrence Fox of AccountingWizard Solutions.

If you’re a successful coach, consultant or creative—who’d rather have a root canal than do your books—this witty, bowtie-wearing, fountain pen-wielding CPA can help you get your books organized so that you’re confident that everything is under control and providing you with peace of mind.

This used to be my boring old page with the obligatory list of services that all the other bookkeepers and accountants put on their websites because somebody told them they needed to have that list.

I decided to no longer bore people, so it’s gone. Life’s too short.

Want to know how we can work together? Pop on over to my Work With Me page. See ya’ there!

We’re a hot match if:

And you must, must, must have a great sense of humour because, well, that’s absolutely required when working with me.

I'm the guy you call when you absolutely, positively hate doing the books.