I am an Elite Athlete

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I am an elite athlete.

Hey you in the back, stop laughing! I can hear you from here!

What if you replace sport with “bookkeeping”?

I’m the Vladdy Guerrero Jr. of bookkeepers.

How does that sound? If you’re a coach, consultant or creative, wouldn’t you like a bowtie-wearing CPA who loves bookkeeping on your team? Who’ll knock your bookkeeping overwhelm out the park with a mighty swing of his fountain pen?

I’m an All Star MVP bookkeeper. What do you think of that?

(h/t to Kara Cutruzzula for the inspiration for this. Check out her terrific daily inspirational emails at The Brass Ring. Tell I sent you, not Vladdy.)


Photo Credits: Featured Image: Sports Illustrated, Animated/Gif: ESPN.

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