Here’s why I “doo da doo” at work. (Do you?)

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I don’t think my son knows who Crosby Stills and Nash are.

I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t recognize the opening lines of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (yes, it’s playing while I write) but they were running through my mind the other day.

We were talking.

He was part-way through his co-op engineering work term as an instructor at a local STEAM summer camp for young kids. (His first co-op job, btw. Very proud of him we are).

“Having a good time at work?”, I asked.

“Yes”. (He’s a great one for one-word answers sometimes).

“What’s the best part?” (sometimes it’s like pulling teeth, you know).

“It’s fun”, he laughed. “I get to do cool science shit all day long, hang out with a bunch of engineering students my age and the staff rec events are lots of fun”.


“Oh, and bonus! I get paid for it too”.

Afterwards, I kept singing “It’s getting to the point where it’s no fun anymore” (my change in bold).

One of the reasons I left my corporate job at Dominion Propane all those years ago was it that it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I suspect that the same is true for many people who escape from cubicle nation (h/t Pamela Slim) and head out on their own.

You get to do exciting shit all day long, have fun and as a bonus, you get paid for it, right?

But running your own business isn’t a laugh riot, is it? Sometimes there’s stuff you just don’t want to do (or don’t like to do).

Pssst! There is a solution: Find someone who loves to do that shit for you.

For me, it’s doing my own taxes.  So I outsource that to a pro who loves to do that stuff and happily pay him for it.

For you it may be your (cough, cough) bookkeeping and accounting.

No worries. I love to do that stuff.

We can talk about that. No pressure. No obligation. Just a friendly shmooze.

We can even talk about CSN(Y) or your favourite sing-a-long music.

Now excuse me while I do-do-do to the music and dance around my office for a few minutes before getting back to the work that I do love to do.

Have fun storming the castle, no matter what your castle looks like today.


PS: Do you listen to music while working? What’s your favourite? Hit reply  (lfox©accounting-wizard•com)   and let me know!

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