Happy Dancing? Bookkeeping? Huh???

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So there I was, pushing the shopping cart down the aisles at No Frills while Gail pondered our next purchase…

When THAT song came over the speakers at the store.

Nope, not one that makes me cry.

It was my Happy Dance Song. And yes, I abandoned the cart to dance down the aisle, head in the air, arms splayed out like an airplane.

(In case you’re wondering, it’s the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s “Linus and Lucy” from the “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. But around here, we call it the “The Snoopy Dance”.)(I’m listening to it while I write, but the only things that are dancing are my fingers).

(OK, not true. I just stopped for a dance break. Back to the keyboard).

(Here’s one version from the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  And  a bouncier version—my preferred dance version—from the Great Pumpkin soundtrack.

Doesn’t that song just spark joy and happiness?

What does that have to do with bookkeeping and accounting?

Not much—unless doing your books doesn’t bring you joy and happiness and you’d like someone to turn a gray day into a happy dance day. Or if you’d rather work with bookkeeper who isn’t dull, gray and boring and is willing to do his happy dance in the aisles of a grocery store!

So what’s YOUR happy dance song?

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