Does your bookkeeping do this YOU?

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Client: I hate bookkeeping

Me: That’s OK. I’m the guy to…

Client: No. Really I DO. Nobody likes me on bookkeeping day. I don’t like me on bookkeeping day. Bookkeeping days make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I get angry…

Me: So bookkeeping turns you into a gigantic, green, rage-filled monster?

Client: Yes! Hulk smash! Puny numbers! Arrgh…. Paper! Paper rip good. No! Paper rip too easy! Grrr! Arrgh!

Me: OK Big Guy. The sun’s getting real low now….

Client: (silence…then) Thanks. I needed that.

Me: No problem all part of the service (thinks to self “Wow! so there’s another advantage to remote work…)

Sound familiar? Does your bookkeeping turn you into the Incredible Hulk?

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