What’s the one thing Moneypenny never asked Bond?

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Despite her name, Miss Moneypenny never asked James Bond for his receipts.

I wonder why?

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an accountant in a James Bond movie —  have you? (I confess — I haven’t seen them all. My son and I have started a project to see them all in release order, but we’ve only got as far as Thunderball).

C’mon. Even spy agencies have to have bookkeepers and accountants, don’t they? (“Yes, I can show you the ledgers, but I’d have to kill you first”).

Can you see me as an MI6 bookkeeper?

“I’m Fox, Lawrence Fox. MI6 accountant. License to …. Uh, bookkeep. Bond, where are your receipts from your last mission? What do you mean they got blown up. Again! What do you think we’re running here?”

Oops. On second thought…he does have a license to kill, doesn’t he?

On the other hand, there is a real government agency with a license to grill — CRA. They’ll ask for receipts and they won’t accept “Oh SMERSH dissolved them with acid while they were trying to kill me”.

I can help with that. (Well, not with the SMERSH and the acid thing. The receipts stuff).

I’m Fox, Lawrence Fox, and I’m the CPA who loves to do bookkeeping and the go-to guy for coaches, consultants and creatives who are feeling overwhelmed with their bookkeeping (even if you’re not battling evildoers intent on world domination from their volcano lair). Wanna talk? Book a call today at https://calendly.com/wizardguy/30-minute-shmooze.

PS I may not work for MI6 (and if I did, would I tell you?). But I do like my vodka martinis shaken, not stirred.

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