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Setup Packages

Our cloud accounting setup packages in detail—we’ll finalize the details and “right-size” your package during our Deep Dive Meeting.

Choosing the wrong version can be a real problem. Quickbooks Online (QBO) has several versions with different sets of features and different price levels. Picking which one you need can be time-consuming. With my experience we can discuss your company’s requirements and recommend the version that’s best for your needs.

Setting up any business in any bookkeeping and accounting system is, well, tedious and time-consuming. I’ll do the setup for you, which will save you time—and let you get on with running your business!

Together we’ll build your custom “Chart of Accounts”. This is the list of accounts needed to run your business; it includes sales, other income types, expenses and assets (stuff you own) and liabilities (stuff you owe). Every company has some common accounts—and every one has ones that are unique to it. Setting up this list correctly at the beginning will make it easier to assign everything to its proper place. It’ll also make reporting more meaningful and useful to you in reviewing your business and making better decisions.

If you’ve already got an accounting system in place, we’ll review your chart of accounts with you and convert it.

Once the Chart of Accounts is set up, I’ll enter the opening balances for the start of your new bookkeeping and accounting system.

Another time consuming step is setting up your customer and supplier information. I’ll take care of that for you too. With the Full Setup package, we’ll review your lists and only bring over customers and suppliers that you’re currently doing business with and leave out former customers and suppliers that are no longer in your business life. With the Essential package, I’ll only set up just customers and suppliers with open invoices as well as specified CRA accounts.

Avoid the risk of errors. Once your system is set up and all the balances and invoices entered, I’ll check that everything is reconciled and matches the information on hand at the start of the process, and correct any issues.

Don’t miss out on income or paying a supplier! You’ll also need the outstanding customer invoices and supplier bills, so that you’ll be able to apply any payments received after the setup/conversion (or pay anyone you owe!) I’ll also review the items and discuss anything that might require some action by you.

Look good from day one! QBO includes some nice-looking invoices, sales receipts and statements, but setting them up, picking the layout and the colour scheme (so that they match your company’s colours) can be another time-eater, especially if you’ve not done it before. QBO makes e-mailing invoices to customers easy. As a bonus, I always recommend customizing the covering letter that goes along with it—I’ll set that up for you and review the options with you so you can change them later on.

Save your time through automations. Many transactions—sales, expenses, purchases or journal entries—repeat on a regular basis. I’ll set them so that they’ll happen on their due dates, automagically (there is some advantages to working with an AccountingWizard, you know). Let’s make sure that nothing gets forgotten—or stop you from having to type and re-type the same thing over and over again, saving you time and aggravation!

New bookkeeping methods aren’t always easy but they can be less painful. If you’re moving from Quickbooks Desktop to QBO, you’ll find that it’s a different world—it often does things in different ways requiring new ways of working. As an old friend once said “No upgrade goes unpunished”). Training is part of the Premium and Full Setup packages. We’ll discuss the number of days that you’d like and we’ll set up a schedule. Extra days can be arranged at an additional fee.

One of the most powerful —and time saving—features of QBO is its ability to connect to your bank on a regular basis and download all the bank and credit card transactions (including some third-party credit cards like American Express). (This feature is called the “bank feed” and it’s wonderful). I’ll work with you to connect all the available feeds, ensure that they’re connecting properly, reconcile the beginning of the feed, troublehoot any glitches, and show you how to keep up to date with your bank transactions.

Keep your transaction history. Depending on your current accounting system, we may be able to convert the existing data.

This option is available only in the Premium package.

What if you get confused or have question? Even with the best training, there will be times when you’re not sure how to account for a transaction. With the Premium and Full packages, you get a period of unlimited email and telephone support—including, if needed, a Zoom call where I can take over remote control of your screen and step you through what needs to be done for your future reference. (During regular business hours, please).

You can pick up the phone or send me an email without worrying that “clock is ticking”—because it isn’t!

Moving to the cloud is a big step and I won’t leave you out in the cold afterwards. These are special sessions to answer your questions and address any concerns post-setup.

There’s a whole eco-system of 3rd-party applications that can be added on to QBO that will save you time and aggravation. We’ll discuss your particular needs and identify some possible solutions.

Once we’ve identified some of the additional apps that can help you, I’ll work with you to set them up. This service is included in Premium package and is available for an extra fee in the Full and Essential Setup packages.

The best option for busy entrepreneurs who want to maximize their system to make the best decisions possible


  • Free (12 months)
  • 3 sessions
  • FREE
For busy business owners who want me to save your time and benefit from a full Cloud-based accounting system
Best option if you’re looking just to get a basic Cloud system working correctly and quickly


  • 1 session
  • FREE

Good news! No matter which package you choose, this service is fully deductible for tax purposes—so, in effect, your friends at CRA are refunding a portion of your costs, depending on your tax rates, of course. (Ask your tax preparer.)

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