Can you really hire a 14-year-old to do your bookkeeping?

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I was a bit taken aback when Thomas Wu asked me that question on his Koyoti Small Business Podcast (KSBP) a couple of weeks ago.

Thomas and I talked about THAT, along with our shared passion for fountain pens (and why I love using them), his love-hate relationship with my website, and why I don’t prepare taxes (not even my own).

Thomas insisted that a Harry Potter-esque accountant would definitely incant “Balenceus Totalis” before beginning work (and so that’s the title of the episode).

And we covered:

  • What’s the major difference between bookkeeping and accounting
  • What secret information is buried in your books (Hint: your books are NOT just there to do your taxes!)
  • Why the best bookkeepers and accountants use knowledge, wisdom and discernment to help their clients

And some takeaways for you:

  • How to NOT lose track of all those apps you’ve subscribed to
  • The three main mistakes people make in their bookkeeping and operations
  • Why I, an AccountingWizard, no longer take my magic wand to networking events.

(Oh and yes, I did answer his question, but you’ll have to tune into the podcast to hear it!)

Don’t waste any time! Check it out here at or or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts like Spotify, Google, Amazon, and Stitcher.

Oh, and after listening the pod, drop me a line  (info©accounting-wizard•com)   and let me know YOUR favourite bits!

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