Hate doing the books?

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You’re an entrepreneur, running your own business, finally doing something you’ve dreamed of doing for ages. You’ve been doing it for some time now and loving it. But you struggle with some of the “back office” tasks—like doing the bookkeeping—and you’re unsure if you’re doing it right or if you’re leaving money on the table. You may even hate doing it, and that means you keep putting it off—and you get all stressed about that.

I’m Lawrence Fox, the CPA who loves bookkeeping.

I provide my clients with a full range of bookkeeping, accounting (but not taxes) and advisory services. If you do need tax work, I collaborate with my fellow accountants who love to do it. Already have a tax preparer? Great! I’d love to work with her. Need a tax accountant? I’ll be happy to introduce you to one.

What can I do for you?

I'm the guy you call when you absolutely, positively hate doing the books.

Why do I do what I do?


While there’s a bit of a thrill when the balance sheet balances and the bank reconciles, the real joy is helping you.

I love the look on your face when the session is done and you know that everything is organized, the books are accurate, and a necessary job that you really don’t want to do is done.

The boring, time-consuming, client-service-interfering “stuff” is done.

The paperwork is filed and put away.

And you’re ready to deal with CRA at tax time.

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If you’re saying “Yes! Yes! OMG Yes!”

…then you’re in the right place. Contact me today and book an appointment for a complimentary, no-obligation “Getting to Know You” consultation. We’ll talk for 45 minutes (and I’ll ask lots of questions about you and your business) and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Then we can get together for a Deep Dive Assessment and look at your business in detail, and we can discuss how to save you time, money, and especially, aggravation.

The coffee for that meeting is always on me.

My Ideal Client

… are you …
  • a sole operator or have up to three employees?
  • in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), York Region (Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham) or Mississauga?
  • running a full-time business?
  • needing help with, or support with, bookkeeping?
You are ready to build your professional support team, and you don’t need a full-time bookkeeper. You understand the value of your time and understand the value, return, and relief that comes with freeing up that time by delegating tasks. You want to add a trusted advisor to your team, to provide bookkeeping services and business advice. You want assistance in developing your business, tracking your results, and looking down the road. You are professional, want to invest in yourself, are open to advice and are willing to try new things (and teach me a thing or two along the way!) And, you must, must, must have a great sense of humour.

Does all that describe you? Think we should talk further?

Book a consultation now!
OK, now for the reason you came to this page in the first place. Some fun facts about me …

About Me (The Short Version)

(I’m 5′ 5″; you decide if that’s short). Lawrence Fox photo I’m the principal of AccountingWizard Solutions. I have a B.Comm and earned my designation as Certified Management Accountant (CMA) (when the accounting profession in Ontario was amalgamated, I got to add Chartered Professional Accountant—CPA—to the list). I have over 25 years experience with small businesses and their entrepreneurial owners. I love working with entrepreneurs. The decision loop is small, and they’re excited about what they do. And that gets me excited. I’m not your typical, dull, boring, gray accountant. If I was, I’d be working for a typical, dull, boring, gray accounting firm, instead of working for myself and working with the people that I do. Going to work for myself was one of the best decisions I ever made. I understand what drives my fellow business owners and the issues that you face on a daily basis. I’m a member of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce and the Richmond Hill Group of Artists. I also hang out with the Accountants Who Lunch, a group of accountants who meet every other month for lunch for some peer-to-peer professional networking (along with the eating, the shmoozing, and the kvetching).

About Me (the TL;DR version)

In addition to all that jazz up there…

I was born in Toronto and raised in the wilds of North York before there was a mega-city.

After high school, Starfleet Academy beckoned, but since it doesn’t exist (yet; time is a “A big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff”), I couldn’t become a Starship Captain (all the really good ones are Canadian), I instead attended UofT where I got my B.Comm but never got the “CA/Auditor/Tax guy” bug.

After graduation, I worked for my Dad for a few years at the family business, washing cars, pumping gas (back in the days of full-service gas stations!) and doing the books after hours. Then I spent a few years working in a succession of small businesses in the accounting department while getting my CMA designation at night.

In 1994 I went out on my own in my first solo business, doing database design, maintenance and development for those small businesses. In the leadup to Y2K, I was really busy, but then things in that space slowed down and after my son was born, I was having too much fun being a dad to notice how slow things got! In 2001, after a chance call and lunch with a former employer (and current client) I returned to my roots and started AccountingWizard Solutions.

Analogue guy in a digital world

I wear self-tied bowties (yes, the real thing), write with a fountain pen (I’ve amassed quite a collection of vintage and modern ones), wear a pocket watch, and didn’t use a smartphone until I lost my dumbphone in the winter of 2014. I tweet @TheWizardGuy and I finally joined Facebook. I have a weird and twisted sense of humour, love bad puns (are there any good ones?), and my son despairs of my collection of “Dad jokes”. Raised by a miniature Schnauzer, I am now owned by cat(s), having married the Mad Catwoman of Downsview aka the Spousal Overunit (the best decision of my life). I paint in watercolours, proving that I can be a creative accountant without landing myself or my clients in jail.

(Here’s two of those paintings!)(Want to see more? Check out Centre St. Studio on Instagram!)

My Watercolour Painting -- Eitz Chaim
Eitz Chaim
My Watercolour Painting -- When Life Gives You Lemons
When Life Gives You Lemons
Sounds interesting? Think we can work together and that I can help you? Then schedule a “Getting to Know You” call today!